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About Us

The Foundation

Believing in a world where education, health, environment and entrepreneurship are the main goals in developmet within the communities.

Dr. James Muiruri

The foundation was established in memory of Dr. James Muiruri. Its a capacity and peace initiative which seeks to train, engage, inform and improve the lives of young Kenyans. In line with Dr. James Muiruri's Beliefs and Vision, the foundation is dedicated to bringing the youth of Kenya together in an effort to increase opportunity for children with the greatest of needs

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About Us

Dr. James Nganga Muiruri

"Dr. James Muiruri at his young age, he was a very industrious student of above average. He was very active in clubs such as French, Science, young Christian and member of the basketball team."

"I recall that when I was in Kenya, I had promised myself to work inside the slums in KIbera, Pumwani, Majengo and Dandora to witness and testify to the extreme of poverty of my people. I am distressed about it for I can imagine the strength and inspiration I would have been filled with had I been in the eyes of those poor people. I would have attained the unattainable Zeal to work even harder."

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