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Founded in Memory of the late Dr. James Muiruri

" Empowering Africans with skills and tools to thrive in the 21st Century through Education, Entrepreneurship mostly to the needy but bright children and out of school youth ".

The Foundation was founded in the memory of the late Dr. James Muiruri to honor his Vision and Initiatives that he had started before he passed away. Dr. James was involved in Initiatives and Programmes such as Child & Youth Education, Environment Preservation, Community Empowerment among others. Our goal is to revive these projects that he started and mostly loved to honor his memory and help the community at large.

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Our Values

Fight for fairness

We use our platform because we have power but others who deserve do not

Build community

We create a space to inspire each other and celebrate one another

Learn and innovate

We challenge the status quo…including our own

Be Bold

We dream big and punch above our weight


We believe in one another


We believe in unity to provide support to the needy


Foundation Objectives


Sponsorship of the needy, vulnerable and orphaned students


Career advice and mentoring students


Nature environment through tree planting to mitigate climate change


Life skills and counselling of students


Economic empowerment of young people out of school through entrepreneurship training, business planning and financial linkages.


Our Mission

We Pursue

To empower the young generation of African and beyond with the skills and tools required to thrive in the 21st Century


Our Vision

We Believe

In setting up a culture - defining centers of innovations and empowerment among communities where peace and democracy is enjoyed in Kenya and Africa by 2035


Foundation Strategy

Sponsorship of the needy, vulnerable and orphaned students

Dr. James Foundation works hand in hand with schools and chief( in-charge of location) to identify the bright and needy students, poor and youth who need help so as to fund, educate and motivate them to realize their talent in the process

Projects & Initiatives

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The Young Generation Initiative

"Impossible is nothing", this was Dr. James Muiruri's mantra in everything he did. He was very passionate about the education, mentorship and proper development of boys and young men in Kenya.

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Youth Behaviour Change Abstainance Network

YOBCAN is a development program that targets the youth on the ground empowering them to become self-reliant by engaging the in income generating activities.

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Environment Conservation Initiative

Dr. James Muiruri believed in the collective engagement of everyone in the community to conserve the environment through training of proper farming techniques and tree planting programs.

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Dr.James & Children

Go-Green Tree Nursery

Water Projects

Clean Water Borehole

Community Food Security

Implementing Farming Techniques For Healthy Produce

Young Generation Initiative

Farming Skills Education


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